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    Двусторонний меховой ковер Nanna  85 Soft Blanket Black для собак и кошек, черный, фото 2
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    Nanna Soft is a soft, comfy cover for dogs and cats, ideal for taking pleasant naps, and has a thin layer of inner padding. It is double-sided and has sides made of soft eco-friendly fur to warm your pet, especially during the winter period. It is not too thick or bulky and can thus be easily rolled up and transported, making it useful on various occasions; once rolled up, you can keep it closed, when it isn't being used, thanks to a special string. The Nanna cover is also easy to keep clean and hygienic: it can be machine washed at low temperatures (30° C). It is available in various colours and sizes that you can choose based on your pet's size: the smallest size, Nanna 70, is suited to cats.
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    ЖивотноеДля кошек | Для собак
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