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    Кровать Sofa' 2 Soft Brown для собак и кошек из термопластичной смолы, 52x39x21 см, фото 2
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    This comfortable dog and cat bed has a rigid thermoplastic resin base and comes complete with a padded faux fur covering, which is machine-washable at 30° C. The spacious base has high sides, a chin-rest for your pet and non-slip feet providing maximum stability; it has special little slits allowing the proper passage of air and ensuring that the bed is always dry. The base, Siesta Deluxe, and the padded cushion, Sofà Soft Cushion, can also be purchased separately. Sofà indoor beds are perfectly suited to every need, as they are available in different sizes. They are particularly suitable for the winter season and for pets that really feel the cold: they will provide your four-legged friend with a comfortably and soft bed for daily naps. The range includes various models for pets of different sizes: the smaller sizes, Sofà 2, 4 and 6, for example, are suitable for cats, while all sizes are suitable for dogs.
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    ЖивотноеДля кошек | Для собак
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